Your score indicates that you are still in the MATURING phase of your faith journey.


Congratulations! Faith is something that you own for yourself and you have made decisions to incorporate it into most parts of your life. At this stage in your journey, you are likely involved on a serve team or in a small group, but if you haven’t found that fit yet, we highly suggest that you jump in and try one! 
You are at a stage where you are ready to contribute to the kingdom and make an impact on other people and on the community. Consider Joining Us as a Canvas Member to further involve yourself in the vision and mission of the Church. Also take advantage of some of the class options that continue to promote the maturity you are already achieving! 

Next Steps

We suggest for you:

Join a Small Group 

Commit to Regular Tithing

Freedom Class

Serve as a Team Lead

Become A Canvas Member

Financial Class