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Marriage Ministry

Here at Canvas we know ministry begins in the home. The health of a family is directly tied to the relationship between the husband and wife, and both parties’ personal health and relationship with the Lord. Because of this, we offer various opportunities for you and your spouse (or future spouse) to strengthen your relationship with each other and God, as well as opportunities to prepare you for success in future relationships/marriages.


Marriage Mentoring

Our marriage mentoring program is a comprehensive program that touches on all aspects of your relationship to highlight the areas of strength in your relationship as well as pin-point the areas that need some attention.

We touch on areas such as love languages, personality types, communication, conflict resolution, faith, finances, kids, and everything in between. After your assessments are complete, you and your spouse (or soon-to-be spouse) will be paired with one of our trained marriage mentor couples in their home to begin the sessions. Check out our mentoring options below to see what the best fit is for you:

    Relation “tips”

    Just like one fresh egg and one rotten egg make a rotten omelet, a relationship is only as healthy as the sum of its components. Relation(tip)s is a branch of the marriage ministry designed specifically with singles and dating folks in mind. We yearn to equip you as individuals to be the best selves you can be in all relationships across the board, as well as set you up for success in dating and marriage in the future.


    • WHO CAN COME? Relation(tip)s is open to single, dating, engaged, or married folks and is open to the community and surrounding churches.
    • WHEN IS IT? We offer this 1-2 times a year. Check the online calendar to find the next Relation(tip)s night.

    Getting Married?

     We have a credentialed team of pastors here at Canvas that would be happy to help you tie the knot!


    1) We highly recommend you go through our pre-marriage mentoring program before your wedding date
    2) Fill out a Wedding Ceremony request form here.
    3) You will be contacted by a canvas church administrator to confirm your pastor for the ceremony.
    4) A required honorarium of $300 and travel expenses outside of 30 miles from Canvas Church is due prior to your wedding ceremony.
    5) Aside from officiating your ceremony, your pastor will attend either your wedding rehearsal or receptionyour choice!

      Marriage Events

      From couples bowling nights to re-living your high school prom with your spouse, Canvas Northfield hosts marriage events that you won’t want to miss! These married-only events serve both as an excuse to get out on a pre-planned date and invest in your spouse, and as an avenue to meet other couples while doing something fun.


      • WHO CAN COME? This is a married-only event open to the community and surrounding churches.
      • WHEN IS IT? We offer marriage events 1-2 times a year. Check the online calendar to find the next event.