Your score indicates that you are in the GROWING phase of your faith journey.


You have likely made  a decision to follow Jesus but are still wanting to explore more about what Faith truly looks like. You have made some great first steps, and attending church is a HUGE ONE, but you are ready for a little more! We Highly suggest Serving on a team that allows you to connect to other people who are going through this same faith Journey, all while making an impact on others who are searching for faith answers! Another great tool for this part of your journey is Small Groups. Joining a Small Group gives you a safe place to share your life struggles, inspire others, and create long lasting relationships. Simply put…. Find some Struggle Buddies for this life journey and have fun doing it! 

Next Steps

We suggest for you:

Next Steps Class

Start Giving

Attend Alpha

Join a Serve Team

Join a Small Group

Bible Reading