Your score indicates that you are still in the Equipping phase of your faith journey.


While none of us ever fully arrive, you are very committed to your faith and have achieved a high level of spiritual maturity. At this stage you are ready to contribute more than consume. This is the true joy of being the hands and feet of Jesus when we begin to focus outwardly on others. People are coming to Canvas who are struggling and YOU might just be the very key to them unlocking the next level of their faith journey. You are ready to lead! Whether it is on a team, a small group, or a hope team, you are ready to take on some new challenges and create environments for people to experience life change! We are so grateful to have you on our team! 

Next Steps

We suggest for you:

Become A Small Group Leader

Become a Kingdom Builder

Become A Marriage Mentor

Serve as a Team Lead

Become A Canvas Member

Lead or Attend a Hope Team Trip