How to protect children when using devices

How to protect children when using devices

I just want to say to all you new homeschool parents out there, We made it through the first week of distance learning!!! WAY TO GO!!! That is an achievement to celebrate. Our teachers don’t get enough credit for all they do for our kiddos. If you haven’t already, send your child’s teacher a thank you for all they do. They are amazing!

This last week as I was helping my kids with their school work, I realized the amount of time they are now on devices has significantly increased. The amount of time they are given unsupervised is also more than usual. While you are going from one child to the next helping them navigate the new programs and make sure they have completed all the assignments, there is another child left unsupervised. Now our kids for the most part know what is acceptable. There are things they can type in innocently and something inappropriate might pop up with no wrong intention of the child. The schools do a great job protecting our kids with all the safety measures they have in place, but when they are home and on a different network it is our job to protect them.

We as parents need to do our due diligence and set safety measures in place for our kids. God has entrusted them into our care, so let’s make sure we take the proper steps to set them up to win!

There are a number of different apps you can put on your child’s device so they can’t accidentally go onto the wrong websites or download the wrong app. There are also apps that allow you to shut their tablets down when they have been on there for so many hours and also able to see what they are looking at.

I have a great resource below for you to look at and get some ideas of how to protect your kids. Towards the end of the article they will give different apps with a brief description of what they are used for. Then you can decide which one would work best for your family.

I hope these resources are helpful to you all. Happy homeschooling! We got this!

Pastor Jen